21 Jul
I thought I would share some of my photo inspirations in the form of photographers I really like and who’s style inspires me.  Hopefully one day, I can match their eye for light and the perfect shot!
  • My most recent inspiration is Sarah K Chen.  I really love her work, it truly captures the feeling of the moment, and the love of the couples she photographs.
  • My own wedding photographers, Picture That Photography, are exactly what I was looking for!  I cannot wait for my wedding pictures, because I know they will do a fabulous job!
  • Another friends photographer with awesome pictures.

I realize that my inspirations are wedding photographers, but with the wedding planning, that’s what I’m looking at!

Nature pictures also facinate me, espeically macro shots that show details we often miss.

The colour on this next photo is amazing!  I love that you can see the hair detail on the calyx behind the petals.

I love the way the light is captured in this shot.  Just breath taking!

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Posted by on July 21, 2008 in Inspiration


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