Some of my pictures

21 Jul

Since I’m creating a photography blog, it would make sense to post some of my photos!  Here are some pictures I took in 2007, when I was first getting into photography.  I think some of them are not bad!

 In June 2007, I did the Chilkoot Hike with my family.  Below is a picture of Deep Lake, part of Day 4 on the trail. 


Deep Lake, Yukon

Deep Lake, Yukon

At the end of the hike, my boots were ‘talking’ to me.  I was so happy they managed to hang on until the end of the hike!  May they R.I.P.

My boots

My boots

In September 2007, I took a botany course in Maine, and managed to get some great shots of the coast.  Since I have a fascination with sunsets, there are quite a few of those!
Maine Coast

Maine Coast


Maine CoastWatching the waterPath to the coast

One of the wetlands we visited during a field trip.
Surveying the sites

Surveying the sites

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