Lines Assignment

17 Jan

The photography class is really interesting and is getting me to really think about my pictures before I take them. The good thing about digital is I can look at them right away and see if it worked or not!

Week 1 our assignment was ‘lines’. We were told to explore lines in our photographs, both real and implied.

I started off in my house, taking pictures of items in my kitchen and living room.

The F-stop was as small as it could go here, but I like how the focal plane creates a new line.



My cat was supervising the whole affair


Except she kept getting in my shots!



I really like this one. To me, it looks like the plant is growing (or bursting!) out of the corner


Later in the day I headed out to Blackfoot Recreation Area for some more fun.

The sky was amazingly blue! And the bark looks like a ladder to the sky.



Then it was fun with sunflares (large F-stop)



I really like this last one, to me it gives you the sense that you are in the ski tracks, zooming around the corner.


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