Another hobby (sort of)

25 Jan

I knit. I learned about 10 years ago while I was at university. The very first thing I knit was a scarf. Actually, I don’t think you can really call it a scarf, unless you call it a REALLY BIG scarf. Or a thin blanket. My mom used it as a shawl to keep her shoulders and back warm during a figure skating event she had tickets to. Although I did use it as a scarf once. I had it wrapped around my neck and head for the 30 min walk in -30 weather (no really – and it was only up hill the one way, and a gentle incline at that). My head was toasty warm! Although there was quite the build up of frost from my breath.

I knit this blanket for Kirra. I chose the colour even after I knew she would be a girl, I just thought it was a beautiful colour and the wool is oh so soft. Originally it was going to be a sweater, but I thought ‘She’s going to outgrow a sweater in a few months – but a blanket is forever!’


I keep thinking I should knit something else, then I remember I’m in the middle of knitting a hat. That I started when I was pregnant. So it’s been a work in progress for a year and a half. Oops! I won’t let myself start a new project until I’ve finished this one. It’s called a January Hat, so I guess I’d better finish it in January!


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