Fotoless Friday

03 Feb

Other blogs have ‘Worldess Wednesday’ but since I’m a photography blog that just seemed too easy.  So I came up with ‘Fotoless Friday’ where I won’t post a picture.  Instead you’ll have to suffer through my writing 😉 Enjoy!


As I’m sitting here, trying to think of my first Fotoless Friday post, I hear the cat start to yack.  Now, there are few things that gross me out, I would say I have an iron stomach, but the sound of a cat about to toss it’s cookies?  Blech!

So what do I do?  I jam my fingers in my ears, close my eyes (even though I KNOW the cat is behind me and out of sight) and start humming loudly.


Carefully, I pull one finger out of my ear and crack one eyelid.


All appears to be safe.

But just as my fingers are once again poised over the keyboard, I hear that dreaded sound.


I just hope I don’t step on it when I’m done.

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Posted by on February 3, 2011 in Fotoless Friday


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