Fotoless Friday – Family feeding fun!

25 Mar

It’s so much to feed Kirra – she just opens her mouth like a little baby bird and says ‘ahhhh’!

Tonight Daryn made chili and while he was getting it ready, I was enjoying some Kirra snuggles in the living room.  America’s Funniest Home Videos?  Still very funny!  When the chili was ready, Daryn brought me a bowl.  Since Uncle Dave was around, Kirra wanted to be nowhere besides Mum’s lap. (not that Mum really minded, mind you 😉 )

And she wanted chili.

I gave a her a little spoonful, to see what she thought.  She didn’t spit it out right away (always a good sign) and opened her little beak when I brought another spoonful to her mouth.  So we ate dinner, taking turns getting a mouthful of chili.

Dad even got in on the gig and Kirra was just so happy to sit in Mum’s lap while Dad fed her chili.


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Posted by on March 25, 2011 in Fotoless Friday


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