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Fotoless Friday – Words will have to do

Can you feel it?  Do you know?  The sun came out!  The SUN!!

And with it the glorious melting!

…and the unearthing of things long forgotten under the snow…

Ah, the grungy part of spring.  When the garbage of the long winter slowly surfaces from the snow as it retracts from the harsh solar glare.

I have a feeling the grungy part is going to last a while.  We still have a lot of snow for the sun to melt!  I was sitting in the backyard, sunning myself (well, my face and hands.  It’s still cold out there!) and when I looked down I saw that the packed snow my folding chair was sitting on was up to the top of the brick fireplace in the backyard.

I would show you a picture of the snow in the backyard, but as I said, it’s the grungy part of spring.

Words will have to do.

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