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Mmmm… strawberries…. (again :) )

I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of my garden strawberries 🙂

1/1250 sec at f/2.8, ISO 200


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Fotoless Friday – A little bit redneck, and a little bit Star Trek

Life funny, isn’t it?

Growing up I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation (and some of the subsequent series) and I was always amazed at the technology. I’ll admit a certain fascination with the pads and computers. How did they work with only a button? No keyboard? Whaaaaa???

And then tonight I’m out in the backyard, enjoying the summer night and reading a book. My grass is half cut, my chair is of the plastic variety, my dog is at my feet, …and I’m holding a slim rectangle in my hand. My Kobo (lovely Mother’s Day gift, thanks Kirra and Dad!), an ‘old’ Kobo in that it has the one button rather than being touch screen. So like the Star Trek pad I was so fascinated with as a child.

Now if only they’d get working on that transporter…..

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