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A shout out to my old high school

Yesterday was the last day of school for 2012 up in Fort McMurray.  But more than just a day filled with movies, chatting about Christmas plans and basically goofing off, something else happens at Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School – On the last day of school before Christmas break, the school’s gyms come alive as most of the students are busily preparing hampers for Santa’s Anonymous. It’s a wonderful event that brings everyone together in the spirit of the season.

And it’s not just that day, oh no.  These students have been involved since September (for some of them, even earlier) doing fundraisers, food drives, public awareness, and more, all to help the less fortunate at this time of year, a time when excess is often the name of the game.

If you are looking to donate to a charity this Christmas, any charity!, I urge you to do so.  So many groups are having a hard time this year, and are way behind where they should be to help all the families who need it.  If you have already, to you I say “You’re awesome!”

And now, to lighten the mood, here’s a picture from Santa’s Anonymous 1998 (I’m the one with a big frog on my back LOL)

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Fotoless Friday – Man down!

Are you ready for a suck fest?  Because here it is:

My camera is not working.  Again.

*many expletives deleted*

The worst part is how I discovered my SLR wasn’t working.  Since the weather is uncharacteristically nice where I am, and since there are some lovely Christmas decorations out, I thought I would take Roli for a walk and take some night pictures.

So, camera bag on my bag, complete with tripod strapped on, I set off with my dog on my intrepid journey.  In my head, wonderful Christmas light bokeh pictures are whirling around, an idea not quite there, but close.

I pass one house with exciting possibilities, but I have another destination in mind.

There’s one house in the neighbourhood that always goes all out at Christmas and Halloween.  That was my goal.  I was hoping the homeowners would let me take pictures of their lawn decorations.  But no dice.

So back to the other house.  Strike two.

Feeling rather dejected, I headed off to the local park to see if anything sparked there.  After walking around and looking for ways to incorporate the house lights from across the street, when finally, FINALLY, what’s in my head matches what I see.

Reinvigorated, I set up my tripod, pull out the shutter release and get my camera ready to go.

Except, it won’t respond to anything. I can’t access any of the Menus or Sub-menus. The shutter won’t respond.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.




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As if you needed more proof, it’s hard to capture the tiny blur of cute!

1/50 sec at f / 3.5, ISO 400, 5 mm

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Trouble, all of them ;)

1/50 sec at f / 3.5, ISO 125, 5 mm

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Cookies, delicious cookies….

You may recall, I love making sugar cookies at this time of year.  So it’s no surprise, or at least it shouldn’t be!, that I’m posting yet another picture of sugar cookies!

Earlier this year, I was perusing the Avon catalogue and saw these star cookie cutters that make a tree, and I just had to order it!  And voila, an un-icing’d tree!

(it was delicious 😉 )

1/80 sec at f / 2.8, ISO 800, 50 mm


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Happy Birthday, Kirra :)

Yesterday, my wonderful, funny, frustrating and charming daughter turned 2 years old. I’m still not sure where the time went, wasn’t she just a tiny little bundle, cuddled up on Mum for the umpteenth snooze?

Happy Birthday, Kirra!!

1/125 sec at f / 5.6, ISO 1600, 35 mm

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Puppy dog eyes

City dog Roli and his country cousin Larree!


What expressive eyes…


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