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Finally, FINALLY, I bought my new camera, Sony a-55!!!

Now, to wait for it to arrive….

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Cross your fingers!

I’ve got a bid going on my camera! The only problem? I have to wait a week to find out if I won 😦

So, so close!

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Getting closer to a new camera!

Hey gang! I’m getting close! I’m hoping to buy my new camera body within a month. !!! My goal camera is a Sony a-55 camera body (no need for a new lens right now, the three I have will work on the new body).

In the meantime, I’m ‘suffering’ with my a-100 and Optio. I have some new pictures to post, hoping to have them up this weekend! Including some new ones from today, since we have fresh snow, and it’s not -35 (that’s Celsius, but even in Fahrenheit, it’s damn cold!).

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Camera update!

Of course, now that my SLR is out for maintenance I really REALLY want to take photos.  And my point and shoot just isn’t cutting it.

BUT! I was just told it’s on its way back from Sony and I should have it back next week.  Squee!

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Treading water

Looks like my last post was April 1st – guess the joke was on me because I haven’t been back since!  And looking at my picture folders, April was pretty bare in the picture taking department.

So what was I doing?  Working, being a mom, working, trying to keep the house clean, working, and being a wife.  So I’ve been busy!  And, unfortunately for you, the first thing to give was this blog. 

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and post pictures again with some regularity.  So stay tuned!  More adorable Kirra and beautiful nature shots are coming 🙂


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Taking a break while we dig ourselves out

Winter has officially arrived.  With a vengeance!  There is snow, snow and more snow (pictures to follow).  Not that I’m complaining, it’s January in Edmonton, so it’s not really surprising!  It does make me happy that I now have a vehicle with AWD.  My poor little Focus would have had a heck of a time with the snowdrifts, especially getting in and out of the garage in the back alley :S

This last week was also my first full week back and Kirra’s first full week at day care. How did it go? Besides the cold she caught at day care last week, not too bad. I think we’re starting to get a routine going and I do love those smiles when I pick her up at the end of the day!

But with being back at work, and having much less time than before, I really don’t know what’s going to become of this blog. I want to keep it up, I do enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with you, I just don’t know if I can continue with the daily picture 😦 When I threw down the gauntlet back in August, my life was very different then it is now, and I had a lot more time to take picture. My problem with continuing the daily picture is I’m worried it will take the fun out of it. I don’t want it to become a chore, I want it to stay fun 🙂

So here’s what I propose:
No more daily picture. Instead, I will try to switch to more of an illustrated narrative. I may still post some single photos, just for fun 🙂 As you can see, I’m not really sure what the final outcome will be yet. So bear with me while I play around with this site!

And as always, feel free to let me know what you think 🙂


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A few more changes…

I wasn’t happy with the width of the last theme, I didn’t like having to shrink my pictures to make them fit. Bigger truly is better! 😉

And, just because, I picture of my little munchkin ♥



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