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Fun with shutter speed – bridge edition

One thing about working downtown, right by the Legislature and the river valley, I have a lot of subject options 🙂 The other day day, part of my lunchtime photography stroll took me to the High Level Bridge.  I decided to play around with shutter speed using full manual mode; usually I play around with aperture in the aperture priority mode.  Although I was in the shade, it was a sunny day and I’d already set my ISO to 100.  I set a higher f-stop (small aperture size) to go along with my slower shutter speed to avoid blowing out my shot while capturing motion.

In my first try, I captured both car and pedestrian blur.
 photo 20130517-DSC02359.jpg
1/8 sec at f/32, ISO 100, Sony a55 w/50mm macro

I think this next one is pretty neat, with just a hint of the wheels left, almost ghost-like, with the U of A’s Biological Science’s building in the background.
 photo 20130517-DSC02362.jpg
1/10 sec at f/32, ISO 100, Sony a55 w/50mm macro

And one last full car blur.
 photo 20130517-DSC02364.jpg
1/10sec at f/32, ISO 100, Sony a55 w/50mm macro


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