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A little domestic therapy

Tonight, to banish a case of ‘The Monday’s’, I’m going to bake some yummy cookies!

My cookie of choice is oatmeal chocolate chip. And here is my recipe card.


Ready to go! Soon, the yummy smell of baking will fill the house!


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Fotoless Friday – Family feeding fun!

It’s so much to feed Kirra – she just opens her mouth like a little baby bird and says ‘ahhhh’!

Tonight Daryn made chili and while he was getting it ready, I was enjoying some Kirra snuggles in the living room.  America’s Funniest Home Videos?  Still very funny!  When the chili was ready, Daryn brought me a bowl.  Since Uncle Dave was around, Kirra wanted to be nowhere besides Mum’s lap. (not that Mum really minded, mind you 😉 )

And she wanted chili.

I gave a her a little spoonful, to see what she thought.  She didn’t spit it out right away (always a good sign) and opened her little beak when I brought another spoonful to her mouth.  So we ate dinner, taking turns getting a mouthful of chili.

Dad even got in on the gig and Kirra was just so happy to sit in Mum’s lap while Dad fed her chili.


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Spring in Edmonton? Not quite.

I hear it’s now spring. Even officially we are in the season of spring.

But it snowed here yesterday, adding to the 2-3 feet of snow on the lawns and fields. Don’t believe me? Here’s some pictures from this afternoon.

The park across the street.


A lone bench, legs buried in snow.


No sun and no spring make Danica something something.


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Sitting like a big girl!








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A little something for me

It may not be much, and it sure as heck didn’t cost much, but it’s still a little something for me.

I sewed the missing button on my super comfy looks-like-a-suit-jacket-but-feels-like-a-sweater jacket. And then reinforced the other three buttons so it won’t happen again 🙂

Some days, it really is about the little things.



Fotoless Friday – I *heart* technology!

When I first went back to work, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to this blog.  I had no idea if I would have the time to put posts together on a regular basis or if I would still want to!

Then I discovered the ‘Publish Later’ option and now it doesn’t matter if the only time I have to do some blogging is at 9pm on Sunday night!  I can schedule them for later and go about my merry way 🙂  And I don’t end up with 5 new posts at 10pm LOL

So I hope you’ve been enjoying the blog, pictures and all.

Oh, and if you happen see Mother Nature, could you remind her about the prairies?  She seems to have forgotten to turn the dial to ‘Spring’ and has left us in the hands of Old Man Winter 😦

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Happy St Paddy’s Day!

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you today!

Special thanks to a very understanding coworker who didn’t ask for an explanation when I wanted to take a picture of her leprechaun 🙂


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